Server hosting service, also known as Co-Location, is to host your existing physical servers in high security and high speed data centers.

The data center, on the other hand, is an advanced security structure with a high technological infrastructure established by companies.

Thanks to these structures, it is aimed to keep all your information in a safe environment and you will not be subject to any interruption.

It will be costly for you to set up your own infrastructure to benefit from such advantages. There are companies that set up this infrastructure for you and offer this service at a cost to you.

It is up to you to use this service and host your servers in a safe environment. With this service, you can make all the changes you want on your servers whenever you want,

You can get reports about your server and follow your developments.




Hosting your physical servers in data centers allows you to avoid an expensive infrastructure cost, maintenance and repair costs.

Since you do not deal with infrastructure problems, you increase your productivity as you only have to deal with your applications. With this service, you gain uninterrupted energy, air conditioning in accordance with standards, a redundant infrastructure and a high data rate.

Thanks to the server hosting service, you increase your data security thanks to both physical security and virtual security.

Thanks to 24/7 customer support, you can do all the operations related to your product at any time.