Cpnael-WHM is a hosting control panel that runs on the Linux operating system and allows you to host and manage PHP source code web pages. It is a world famous control panel.

You can do all the operations related to your hosting on this panel. While explaining this panel, if you need to look at it from a different perspective, you have bought a hosting to publish your web page, but you can operate this system only with MS-DOS commands.

Think about how difficult and boring it would be to copy files on this site. Besides, if we consider the time you will lose, it will not be a cute situation. The Linux operating system works like this in the background.




If there was no such visual panel, if you think about how many codes you would enter to do these things, it would be very difficult to know these codes. CPanel-WHM will give you a desktop-like convenience to manage your system.

In this way, you will do all the operations with one click and without the need to enter code. What you can do with CPanel-WHM; creating databases, opening and managing e-mail accounts, FTP accounts and managements, backing up, checking disk and traffic information.

Folder encryption, adding Subdomain, Addon Domain and Park domain, creating cronjob, using ready-made CGI scripts, routing web page, routing control, using network tools, hotlin protection, indexing settings, IP ban, visiting web page, seeing IPs and seeing where they came from Seeing the robots that visit your site.