What is Dedicated Server?

The dedicated non-shared internet server, which is reserved for individuals or companies, is called a dedicated server. The usage rights of this system exist only in a company or in a single person.

The difference from shared servers is already here. Even if there is not a complete answer in Turkish, it is possible to pronounce it with the name of the physical server.



What is the Dedicated Server Difference?

In general, data center and hosting companies provide different server services for their customers. One of them is shares and the other is non-shared, namely dedicated server types.

Only one company use is not available on shared servers. The data of multiple companies are included in these servers.

Private Shared Server That Can Be Used Easily.

Providing a much more effective use opportunity, the dedicated server allows you to change the server requirements personally whenever desired.

In particular, it is only possible to evaluate the server personally. This gives a higher yield and potential use.

Thanks to the strong performance provided, the work to be done can be carried out in a healthier environment. In short, all storage areas on the server become individual or company owned.