What is VDS Server?

VDS is an acronym for the words Virtual Dedicated Server. When we translate it into Turkish, it is translated as Shared Separated Server. It is a form of virtual server created within a physical (Dedicated) server, not a physical server.

Although this server type is virtual, it is formed by the hardware division of the dedicated server. VDSs created after the partitioning process can use the operating system they want independently and differently.

Other VDS servers created by dividing the main server cannot use the features and resources assigned to another VDS server.



Why VDS Server?

Servers of this type give their users the freedom to choose the data they put on the VDS server. Since the user has administrative access, he also has the opportunity to install the control panel he wishes.

There is no upper limit on access. Therefore, it is possible to install as many programs and applications as the user wishes.

How VDS Server Works?

VDS servers, one of the most popular cloud server services of the last period, mainly give users the opportunity to rent a virtual server with dedicated server performance.

In other words, a user who chooses a VDS server is closed for use by other users, and the user can use the field as he wishes.

To illustrate; Even if the user does not use the full amount of RAM allocated to him, the RAM remains private and waits ready for use. Thus, problems such as any RAM restriction are eliminated.