What is VPS Server?

VPS is a term derived from the abbreviation of Virtual Private Server. It is a partitioned part of the physical server in a data center that includes its own operating system, bandwidth, and disk space. In a nutshell, it is a private virtual server that is created virtually inside a physical server but has the power of a physical server.

Virtual private server, namely VPS; is the structure that enables a physical server to be divided into multiple servers with virtualization software. In this way, it enables the server to use resources in the most efficient way. Each VPS works like a dedicated and dedicated server.

What is a VPS server? The question; Briefly, it can be called “Virtual Private Server” in Turkish meaning of Virtual Private Server expansion. At a point where more than one virtual server is provided, the VPS server; it allows each to work freely. As a result, each virtual server has its own capacity, control panel, or operating system.




First of all, VPS is very economical compared to physically dedicated servers. The reason is quite simple, it is a virtual server with physical server performance and administrator access authority. In addition, it allows you to do the necessary resources for your existing website in a few steps without changing the server and without having to close your website.

The same process is done on physical servers, but for hardware changes, the server must be shut down, that is, access to your website must be stopped. In VPS, all of the following operations can be done very easily without losing site access; Any software can be easily installed on VPS.

Unnecessary software in VPS can be easily removed. Quick control over all the files that make up the website or sites can be achieved. It can be connected to VPS with the highest level Root access as user authorization. Configuration changes can be made easily in VPS.

All these features and more help to shape the websites hosted on VPS as desired. It is not possible to carry out the vast majority of these mentioned processes on the classic servers without the sites being accessed. VPS servers provide great advantages in this respect.