What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting The servers where the data and information of your web page you are using are hosted and that the users can access are called web servers, and the publishing process of your web page is called web hosting. Hosting means hosting and publishing as a word. This means keeping the web page, pictures or videos that are intended to be published on a server that is accessible to internet users.

A server is required, which has a fast web backbone that is produced to publish your web page over the internet and allows you to store the documents you want to serve thousands of people at the same time. Such computers are not like the computers you use in your home or office.

Even if you have the necessary program and hardware infrastructure on your personal computers, the speed of the internet connections reserved for personal use will be insufficient for these processes. The reason for this is the infrastructures designed for download speeds. Since the web page works with the upload logic, it needs structures that have this infrastructure and are designed accordingly.

For this reason, all such services are obtained from the companies providing services for these works. Do not forget that we have systems that are designed in this regard and provide 7/24 fast and uninterrupted service.

We are very happy to serve you. Today, web hosting is examined in two groups, these are Linux and Windows hosting.



Windows Web Hosting

Windows web hosting are hosting machines with a Windows-based operating system. These hosting systems ASP is a web hosting system that allows programs languages ​​to work smoothly in ASP.NET languages.

PHP also works on Windows based web hosting, but this coding language does not give very good results in Windows operating system. For example . Htaccess does not run your file. Windows based hosting is more efficient in HTML, javascrip, java and flash based web pages.

If your web page is based on MSSQL and MS Access, it ensures that your site runs smoothly and stable. If you have this kind of web page, we recommend using Windows web hosting.

Linux Web Hosting

The servers that provide Linux web hosting are the type of hosting that generally uses the cPanel control panel to those working on the operating system.

This hosting offers high performance, stable and secure service, as well as PHP based WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. It provides more stable and performance operation with many content management systems.

In addition, it is a hosting structure where Java, Flash and Java Script applications can work without problems.

This hosting type has a very long history, and it increases the number of users day by day due to its more performance among other hosting types thanks to its high performance and security features.